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Filcro Media Staffing is an amalgam of executive  recruitment and human resource services companies devoted to media staffing.  Filcro Media portals are branded for targeted media markets, business verticals and various levels of media executives to be recruited and the corresponding media platforms to be managed, monetized or built.

The media executive search process of each Filcro Media brand through identification, recruitment and attraction of specialized employees is profiled for review in the examples exhibited below.

Below are some of the Filcro Media Staffing brands utilized for executive recruitment and attraction for public review :


The ExecutiveSearch.TV portal for Filcro Media Staffing expands on the firm’s holistic approach to media executive search and the transparent documentation of the staffing tools utilized through the entire executive search process.   Hiring entities and media executives enjoy reading Filcro Media's case histories and how the firm brings media centric executive searches to fruition.

Media Industry professionals will appreciate the normalization of nomenclature in every business, technical and creative environment profiled in the listed practice groups, reviewed case histories and current executive search assignments for public view. 

Standardization of skill set and experience criterion has also been normalized across geographics.  When recruiting in the Americas, Asia, The Middle East, E.U. Africa or South America a U.S. based global media entity can easily relate to the regiment and definitions utilized by Filcro Media Staffing in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Miami and other primary U.S. media markets.  Assuring global standardization of performance and experience recruitment assessment criterion of operations, monetization, technology and other vital business areas assures that the clients of Filcro Media Staffing enjoy equal efficacy in New York, Prague or Tokyo as organizational, compensation and succession planning issues are no longer limited by geographics. To view a corresponding search roster of Tony Filson utilizing the Filcro Media Staffing ExecutiveSearch.TV portal use this link. Employers


TVSTAFF.COM was the first Filcro Media Staffing portal to utilize the firm’sSEIT site technology that permitted Filcro Media Staffing to collaborate in real-time with human resource, hiring managers, executive search committees and candidates regardless of geographics during the full cycle of the executive search process. 

This portal also was the first to separate candidate and client company resources to expedite the assimilation of data into what today is the largest data-base of media broadcasting and entertainment executive profiles in the industry.

When clients of the firm first requested simultaneous build-out of business, technical and creative resources to support on-air, on-line and mobile sales and sales operations in New York, Los Angeles and or Chicago, TVSTAFF.COM played a key role for Filcro Media Staffing when MSO, Cable TV and Broadcast TV Networks were all vying for cross platform monetization and the required back-office to support planning, traffic, ideation and sales.  The sports, new and music sectors benefited greatly from these recruitment resources.

Digital Media Jobs

As an increasing number of the firm’s clients began disseminating and monetizing across multiple media platforms, it was important for Filcro Media Staffing to have a known recruitment presence across 10 media platforms and provide clients with the key employees they needed to monetize any single or any multiple combinations of media platforms.  Content produced for multicast cross-platform multiplexes required unique broadcast engineering, operations management and sales components that unified resources to lower costs and improve performance.  

When OEM’s began reaching out to consumer's living rooms and then set foot into DOOH and place based digital through mobile and broadband channels is became apparent that the MSO and broadcast TV broadcasters would also desire increased interaction with a consumer as they ventured away from static assimilators and disseminators.  

In a brief time, Filcro Media Staffing was providing employees for the full business cycle of all 10 media platforms as stand-alone and unified entities.  Filcro Media Staffing facilitated monetization where it did not exist in the past and optimized modalities for enhanced revenue.

With this recruitment acumen, came the ability to consolidate costs for unified broadcasters in what were traditionally heavy CAPEX areas.   At the same time, Filcro Media Staffing increased productivity, raised benchmarks for revenue while facilitating new types of cross-platform RFP responses that truly spoke to the advent of convergence. 

Print, Radio, Digital Radio, Broadcast TV, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Broadband, Mobile, OEM, OOH, DOOH, Place based, BPL, RF Assimilators and the future looks brighter than ever.  In every instance Filcro Media Staffing has facilitated the means to build, lead, operate and monetize by staffing an ever changing digital landscape.  Employers

Jobs In TV

Filcro Media Staffing saw enhanced Motion Picture, TV Network, Sports and Digital Synergies at the same time the firm was asked to manage venue based entertainment and sports from a production and broadcast operations and engineering perspective.

During transitions in technology and sports franchise ownership the firm was privileged to have managed Yankee Baseball, New York Knicks Basketball, New York Rangers Hockey and New York Liberty Women's Basketball.  The relationships were strong going back to G&W and all the amazing media companies that obtained their founding from this media conglomerate pioneer. This was an exciting time for venues as their entertainment, music, special event and sports productions were becoming increasingly profitable as place based, broadcast, online and mobile media products to be monetized as current events and became  parts of sophisticated CMS systems for on-demand mobile and MSO offerings.

During this period, Filcro Media Staffing provided event broadcast operations and engineering staff to manage on the floor, in the studios and in the trucks; this was not planned.  A client had a media staffing need and Filcro Media Staffing met it.  Our client company was transitioning their technology and needed a firm with broadcast technical expertise to staff and supervise their staff externally for BO&E and production while they built-out a new NOC, head-end and broadcast studios. Jobs in TV was the perfect portal at the time to not only attract job seekers but to also broadcast each job in a way that every TV candidate could relate to. It also reflected the positive and upbeat corporate cultures that Filcro Media Staffing was recruiting for. The firm felt that looking for a job and the associated recruitment process could be fun while maintaining professional decorum and utilizing accepted human resource practices.

Also during this period Filcro Media Staffing was retained to help with the advent of Home Shopping as a sophisticated form of television merchandising. Building out terrestrial broadcasting is never simple. Adding the immediacy of live broadcasting for MSO, Satellite and Broadcast TV was a complex endeavorer.   Filcro Media Staffing identified the proper technology leadership to make this happen as well as the on-air staffing and on-air promotions executives to make this a great success.  Today, when motion picture, sports and entertainment based executive searches are conducted “” continues to be a familiar, effective and trusted tool for attraction and awareness. Employers

Digital Media Jobs in TV

DigitalMediaJobs.TV was established to highlight the granular working components of every successful media company. Specific skills, experience and accepted industry nomenclature is utilized creating “Practice Groups”.  These groups as independents or combined are the cloth of every tactical and strategic function in our industry. 

When Filcro Media Staffing first started monetizing a TV Network's digital assets it was important that we created a common language that legacy and digital platforms could share.  When identifying the capacity of a gifted executive it often took precedence over industry experience as we helped clients on to new media platforms that were new to their culture. Employers
As clients and candidates review the practice groups of Filcro Media Staffing they are intended to be helpful on many levels. Filcro Media Staffing is part of well respected media community that shares knowledge and resources. Deserving NGO’s and Not for Profits, please view our Pro Bono page if appropriate.

Specialized Media Sales Recruiters

Filcro Media Staffing established the Specialized Media Sales Recruiters portal to exhibit the firms long history of media sales and media sales support executive search to monetize media across all media platforms.

Traditional advertising sales executive searches are a large part of the firm’s history of success.  The objective of the Specialized Media Sales Recruiters portal  is to look beyond monetization, advertising sales and sales support to show the compilation of media sales recruitment experience that differentiates Filcro Media Staffing and transparently showcases CSO, CRO, EVP, SVP, VP, Director and Manager level media sales and media sales support executive searches conducted with aplomb.

The dedicated media sales recruiters, OIC’s and recruitment research staff at Filcro Media Staffing have monetized through recruitment all of the following: TV, MSO, Radio, Online, Mobile, DOOH, OEM, Print, Music, Social Networking, Search Engine and Gaming platforms as standalone and varied combinations. B2B, B2C & C2C are all facilitated.

Filcro Music Executive Search

Filcro Media Staffing has a long history on building and monetizing music based brands across all media platforms. Music Publishers, Music Producers, Record Labels and the creative products produced are all monetized across media platforms that Filcro Media Staffing recruits for.

Television broadcasters, mobile media, online, radio and OEM clients have utilized Filcro Media Staffing to recruit skilled music industry executives to lead on a number of levels.

The Filcro Music site profiles  Filcro Media Staffing as a music media executive search firm capable of recruiting in every business, technical and creative function required.  Including Music TV Affiliate Sales, Marketing for Music Programming Distribution, Music Advertising Sales and a multitude of music related business, technical and creative functions.

Clients of Filcro Media Staffing have been asking for a centralized environment that is easy to navigate where case histories can be read in a compartmented environment.

Our goal with was to create one menu on the left for expanded detailed reviews of executive searches and an overview or synopsis page that could be navigated through the index box on the top of the page. Client thank you letters.

To date, we've received a lot of praise for keeping things simple for those who want to review Filcro Media Staffing in a generalized or granular manner across all business, technical and creative recruitment practice groups. 

Filcro Media Staffing

Filcro Media Staffing

Filcro Media Staffing

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Filcro Media Staffing Tony Filson




Filcro Media StaffingToday, the diverse global media and broadcasting interests represented by Filcro Media Staffing can be reviewed within documented executive searches listed as case histories. These case histories facilitate insight into the business, technical and creative recruitment acumen of Filcro Media Staffing with regard to tactical and strategic identification on varied management levels in diverse geographics.

How media executive searches are brought to fruition is important and Filcro Media Staffing maintains transparency throughout the identification, recruitment, screening and attraction process.  We hope that hiring managers and human resource professionals will equally enjoy reading these reviews.

As an executive search firm in a highly specialized space we welcome queries pertaining to executive search initiation, the firm’s availability, cadence, terms and conditions, case histories and Filcro Media Staffing's identification capabilities within context of a specific search.

Welcome to Filcro Media Staffing and thank you for your interest in the firm.

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